Urgent appeal


AMD/NJMVP along with many other social / religious organizations are teaming up to create a network to provide food assistance to the community during these challenging times.

Become a partner to help New Jerseyans

Need Assistance



PayPal – Americanmuslimsfordemocracy@gmail.com

Send check to – AMD-ECE – 6 King Arthurs Court, Edison, NJ 08820

Who will do this
We will use the existing organizations such as AMFHR, SMILEMUSLIMS4PEACE , COMMUNITY SJP (more to be added) to provide assistance

Support system
All Muslim organizations are urged to donate funds or setup donation drives at their centers within Federal, State and CDC guidelines.

How will this work
Family in need will go to a website to complete online request form
This request will be forwarded to the local partner
Either the masjid or a local organization (partner) will fullfil this request

How can you help
Become a partner
Raise / donate funds
Volunteer your organization to help the local family
Share food assistance program with your community and interfaith community

When will this start
AMD will be donating $15k

Whats in it for me
Many rewards (Sawab)
501c3 donation letter

Why should I do this
As a Muslim, this is our obligation to help other

I am already doing this, why should I connect with you
Let’s partner up to create a bigger pool, share resources, support each other and collaborate. Insha’ Allah together we will have a greater impact

How can I become a partner
Visit AMD website
Become a partner
Share link with the families in need

Will I have access to partner’s list
Yes we will share, as long as we have permission to do so

Is this just for the Muslim community
Absolutely NOT, this is for all the New Jerseyans
We welcome our interfaith friends to become a partner and lets work together as “one”

Who will get credit for this
This is a partnership, no one organization can do this alone. This is uncharted territory, we are setting up this network to support each other and ultimately support our friends in need

What other assistance is available
We are also looking into setting up financial assistance program to pay rent and utilities for brothers and sisters who have lost their jobs. Many organizations offer these services, let us know, what is your need?